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Heidi Brow is the water resource specialist for the Pala Environmental Department.  Her primary job is to protect our surface and groundwater resources so that future Pala generations will be able to use and enjoy them long after we are gone.  Heidi works with the Pala Utilities Department to make sure that our drinking water  is safe to drink, meeting Federal Safe Drinking Water Act standards.  She also writes the Tribe’s Annual Water Quality Report (look for it every June), as well as other reports and plans that help protect our water resources.  If you ever have questions about the water quality in your home, Heidi can come out or provide you with test kits to test your water. She can also go over test results with you or help you find the best water filter for your home.  It is important for the Tribe to conserve our water, so we can help individual homeowners do home audits where we look at fixtures and appliances in your home, changing when and how you water your lawns, and the types of plants you might have in your yard.  There are lots of native plants that require little or no watering, have beautiful blooms, attract butterflies and birds, and look great in your yard; give Heidi a call if you would like to know more about these plants, or the types of plants that do well in our clay soils.


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