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Pala Climate Adaptation Plan

Pala Environmental Department Climate Change Climate Adaptation Plan PED

Climate Adaptation Plan

The Pala Band of Mission Indians adopted the Climate Adaptation Plan on July 3, 2019. The plan, developed by the Pala Environmental Department with grant funding from the National Indian Health Board and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, was informed by input from the Pala community and help from experts and consultants in several fields.

Tribal Chairman’s Message

Pala Band of Mission Indians Tribal Chairman Robert H. Smith

The Pala people have a deep history of adapting to changes that have altered our traditional way of life. In recent years, our people have shared a growing concern about a new set of threats, including more severe wildfire, drought, rising temperatures, and flooding. Our climate is changing. In response to these concerns, our tribal government has assessed the effects of climate change on our health, social, natural and built environments. The findings show that it is time to summon the same strength and resilience that the people of Pala have demonstrated for thousands of years as we adapted to disruptions to our lands, wellbeing, resources, and culture.

In fact, Pala is already on its way to becoming more resilient. We are implementing projects to secure our infrastructure and protect our people. We are expanding collaborations with tribes and other partners in our region that can leverage knowledge and resources to help us move faster.

We encourage all members of the Pala community to learn about the effects of climate change, not just on Pala, but throughout Mother Earth. We also hope you will join us as we move ahead to implement the solutions outlined in this report that will help us thrive in the face of new vulnerabilities and build upon our community’s traditional strengths and ability to innovate. We can and will adapt again.

Robert H. Smith,
Tribal Chairman

Download the Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Feel free to download the Pala Environmental Department – Climate Adaptation Plan (.pdf).

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