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Tribal Climate & Health Adaptation Summit

Tribal Climate & Health Adaptation
Getting to the Heart of Climate Vulnerability
Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Thursday, July 14, 2022
Pala Casino Spa & Resort

Getting to the Heart of Climate Vulnerability

Tribes across the US are very attuned to the cascading and interconnected impacts of climate change on their lands and health, from changing water patterns to more intense and frequent wildfires. As costs continue to stack up in dollars, lives, damage to cultural and natural resources, and other losses, the urgency to prepare for these impacts is greater than ever. These heartbreaking losses are affecting the well-being of Tribal citizens, and also weighing heavily on the overwhelmed professionals responsible for protecting them. The first step in protecting Tribal health and wellbeing from the impacts of climate change is often to conduct a vulnerability assessment to identify the community’s biggest risks and concerns. However, this step can be a big obstacle for under-resourced communities, particularly given the time-consuming nature of fact-finding and community engagement. Those who have assessed their vulnerability may not have had the resources to look deeper into vulnerabilities associated with health and wellbeing.

Why attend?

This two-day, in-person training will help arm up to 50 Tribal-serving professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to get to the heart of the unique climate and health vulnerabilities of the Tribes they serve, while also offering space for participants to attend to their own hearts through personal reflection and peer connection. The interactive training format will feature expert speakers, facilitated discussions, and hands-on learning activities to help deepen understanding of the effects of climate change on Tribal health and wellbeing. The summit will help practitioners ready their hearts and minds to develop well-informed vulnerability assessments that best reflect their community’s concerns, culture, and aspirations and lead to the most meaningful adaptation decisions.


Dates: Wednesday, July 13, 2022, and Thursday, July 14, 2022
Location: Pala Casino & Spa Resort
Title: Tribal Climate and Health Adaptation Summit
Theme: Getting to the heart of climate vulnerability

Tribal Climate & Health Adaptation Summit

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