The Pala Environmental Department is responsible for every aspect of environmental health on the Pala reservation. In addition to our water, air, and waste management programs, we also monitor and administer programs in pest management, hazardous waste storage and disposal, community cleanups, and more.

Pesticide Program

The Pesticide program is responsible for Reservation-wide pesticide monitoring for: compliance under the Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act.;  conducting annual inspections and offering compliance assistance to the Tribal community, businesses, and agriculture/ranches;  working with outside Federal, State and local government on pest and pesticide issues that may affect the Tribe and Reservation;  and providing education and outreach materials and technical assistance on Integrated Pest Management to the community, public, schools, and businesses.

The program helps the community by ensuring that pesticides are used in an appropriate and responsible manner that protects the community, public, employees of businesses, applicators, and the environment. Compliance assistance helps the community to resolve pest problems and pesticide issues using the best options available. We also work with Federal, State, and local governments to ensure the Reservation is involved with issues or problems that may eventually affect the Tribe. By providing education and outreach materials the program becomes an informational resource to the Reservation on where to obtain information on pest issues and provides technical assistance on Integrated Pest Management to residents on how to manage pest problems.

These are examples of how the program serves the community, public health and safety, the environment and Tribal agriculture.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jesse.


Jesse Castro, Pesticide Technician
Phone: 760-891-3549
Email: jcastro@palatribe.com