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2nd Annual Riparian Workshop

Pala’s second annual riparian workshop was a resounding success! We had a great turnout and a wealth of terrific presentations. We haven’t received copies of every presentation, but the ones that we have are linked below after the presenter’s contact information. You can find the sign-in sheet with contact information for all our participants here. And the list of Pala’s native plants is here. Here is the list of presenters and links to their presentations, if we have them.

Day 1

Kurt Broz – Intro / Pala HCP – kbroz@palatribe.com  Presentation

Shasta Gaughen – Traditional Use Riparian Plants – sgaughen@palatribe.com  Presentation

Dave Roberts – Climate Smart Riparian Restoration: Planning for the Future – droberts@riverpartners.org

Winston Vickers – Mountain Lions – twinstonvickers@gmail.com

Tonya Moore – Permitting: The Story of Earl – tonya@ironwoodbio.com

Melanie Tymes – River Regulations / Army Corps of Engineers – melanie.b.tymes@usace.gov

Shea O’Keefe (with Pedro Torres) – NRCS Funding – shea.okeefe@ca.usda.gov (pedro.torres@ca.usda.govPresentation

Chris McDonald – Riparian Weed Management – cjmcdonald@ucanr.edu

Amber Pairis (with Danielle Bourdreau) – Climate and Conservation / Tijuana River Estuary / Climate Science Alliance – amber.pairis@wildlife.ca.gov (dboudreau@trnerr.orgPresentation 1  Presentation 2

Day 2

Norrie Robbins – Geology – norrierobbins@cox.net

Mike Kelly – Tools of the Trade   – mkelly1@san.rr.com

James Law – Herbicide Sprayer / Restoration – jlaw@sawatershed.org

Carolyn Martus (with Jessie Vinje) – Plant Identification – carolynmartus@gmail.com (jvinje74@gmail.com)

Kurt Broz – Wildlife Survey Techniques – kbroz@palatribe.com

Colin Lee – Camp Pendleton Program Overview – colin.lee1@usmc.mil

Kyle McCann (with Joseph Kean) – Camp Pendleton Spadefoot Toad Surveys – kmccann@vernadero.com (joseph@tierradata.com)

Dan Cayan – Climate Variability and Possible Climate Change in Southern California – (dcayan@ucsd.eduPresentation

Terry Gaughen – Invasive Species of the San Diego River – (contact Shasta Gaughen; he doesn’t have e-mail)  Presentation

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