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Exploring Environmental Careers

Many rewarding careers are available in the environmental field. These jobs include working with water, air, wildlife, soils, pollution prevention, materials recycling, and green technologies. A large number of environmental jobs are available with Tribal governments, as well as local, state, and federal governments. Many more jobs are available from non-profits and private companies.

Within the Pala Environmental Department we have jobs ranging from pest management to wildlife biologist to water specialist. In our Environmental Department we also have cultural resource specialists, as cultural resources are as important as environmental ones. Cultural resources are also closely tied to other sciences, like wildlife and water. A lot of the work we do is to meet legal requirements, but our work also includes fun activities like educational outreach to the Vivian Banks School and collaborating with other local agencies that may support Pala’s interests. We also provide expertise to other Pala services, assisting with activities such as planning construction, landscaping, and water conservation.
If you are interested in a career in the environmental field, the best place to start is through schoolwork. Maybe of the employees in the Pala Environmental Department have bachelor’s degrees, and some even have graduate degrees. Other jobs may not need specialized degrees, like being an environmental technician, but do usually require specialized training, coursework, or certifications.

We also recommend internships or volunteer work. This is a great way to discover whether or not you are truly interested in some aspect of environmental work. It also helps build a network of potential employers. Please see some internship opportunities below.
If you may be interested in an environmental career, please contact Pala’s Environmental Department. We can help point you on the right path to success. We are happy to connect you with the right professionals or suggest programs that may be needed to work in that field.

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